Exposing the True Colours of Science


Let’s take a moment to think about what ‘science’ means to us? What’s our definition of science? Is it just a subject that we study at school? That’s probably the first thing that comes to mind; a bunch of dry textbook jargon trying to explain convoluted concepts in its own alien language. For most of us math is graphs, trigonometry and word problems; biology is taxonomy…. Read more

یہ اختر و کوکب اپنے ہیں


یوں تو علم و ہنر کسی ایک گروہ اور کسی ایک طبقے کی میراث نہیں مگر ہماری سماجی قوتوں کی بنا پر، اور معاشی فرقہ بندی کی بدولت، علم کی رسائی جمہور  کے لئے صحیح معنوں میں ممکن نہیں۔ خصوصاً وہ سکول جہاں بہت سے ہنر مند، مگر غریب بچے اور بچیاں، علم کی خواہش کا بستہ باندھے، اپنے یونیفارم کو محلے کی کیچڑ سے بچاتے، باپ کی سائیکل پر بیٹھے ہر روز ایک لگن سے داخل ہوتے ہیں  مزید پڑھیے   ۔۔۔

International Symposium on the History and Future of the Indus Basin of Pakistan


Come with us on a journey through the fascinating environmental history of water in the Indus Basin to relate developments in our historical past to contemporary problems in water resource governance, to be able to spell out opportunities for the future of the region. Starting from an analysis of early water systems in Pre-Mughal and Mughal periods, through the impact of colonial transformations of the Indus Basins irrigation work, to post independence chain of events events shaping contemporary water resource governance in … Read more…

Great Scientists are Artists as Well


Artists and scientists seem like the opposite poles of a magnet, the black and white in a painting. Reality is not like the binary system; there is no black and white in science and art. Scientists and artists live in the grey area that is life. These are the two forms of expression of the beauty that is nature. There is a scientist in every artist; with every accurate stroke of a brush, every geometrical pattern … Read more…

Let’s Celebrate Science!ctssf34xeaav-kr


Lahore Science Mela ’17 is on us! It beckons us all as it nears us! Even mere the idea makes the scientist-lot drool over it. Our science cadre is up to bring up a trend new of its kind to Pakistan. It is more than just a science fair for it has caused many to throw in their lot with LSM ’17 and many more are intended. A huge turnout of around 20,000 is envisioned this year. Read more…

Let the Curiosity take overcuum776wcaaf-zw


There is a fearless scientist in every child; an engineer trying to build houses out of mud, a biologist trying to save fish from drowning, an astronaut looking at the clear sky every night and wondering what’s out there?! There is a suppressed scientist in every adult; the eyes which used to look at the sky in wonderment now spend… Read more…

What is the Lahore Science Mela?


Lahore Science Mela 2017

The Lahore Science Mela is the first of its kind fair in Pakistan where the prevailing gap between culture and science will be bridged. Hearing the word ‘culture’ takes one to the narrow streets of androon shehr (walled city), the tantalizing cuisine of food streets and the historical places, like the Shahi Qila, the Shalamar Gardens, Chauburji  that have stood the test of time. The modern world encapsulates all this in one word i.e. Lahore, the cultural heart of Pakistan that will host the grand celebration of science.

Rarely, if ever, does it happen in Pakistan when scientists, engineers, doctors, artists etc. gather to engage with and kindle the souls of public with the torch that drives their careers and causes sparkle in their Read more…