Let the curiosity take over

Charisma Wafi


There is a fearless scientist in every child; an engineer trying to build houses out of mud, a biologist trying to save fish from drowning, an astronaut looking at the clear sky every night and wondering what’s out there! There is a suppressed scientist in every adult; the eyes which used to look at the sky in wonderment now spend half of the day at work in front of a screen. Colors fade with age, so does the curiosity but scientists in us never die. Lahore Science Mela is bringing the colors and curiosity back. We invite all citizens, every age group, to experience and appreciate all the colors on the spectrum of science. The little astronaut might get to see the sky through a telescope; the little biologist might get an opportunity to explore different collections of flora and fauna. This Mela is a wonderful platform to introduce the little scientists to the world of science. We cordially welcome all the exhibitors who want to show the wonders of science to the little curious ones.

The excitement of young girls is evident as the magic of science is presented to them.

Humans are slaves to their moods; love, romance, affection, indifference, hatred, scorn, anguish, grief and all other emotions need to be expressed. Some express the emotions through poetry, some write stories, some dance to the music. Science is the expression of one of the most repressed emotions, the curiosity. Curiosity lies there in our minds; there is curiosity in love, romance, scorn, grief and even indifference. We bring curiosity into every emotion and forget how curiosity itself matters to us, as emotional beings. Science brings this emotion to practicality. Lahore Science Mela is an opportunity to fascinate the curious being in you and explore what young scientists have to offer. It gives the adults an opportunity to get away from the boring work routine to look at the work through the spectacular lens of science and to bring out the repressed curiosity.

The Lahore Science Mela, like every other Mela, is open to everybody. Unlike other Melas, you can actually take part in this science fair; exhibitions and stalls are to be established where young scientists will put their projects on display. It is an equally delightful opportunity for the exhibitors and the visitors, a two-day tour of the marvelous and bedazzling universe of science. Take part in Lahore Science Mela and let curiosity take over for a while!

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