Let’s Celebrate Science!

Shumail Hassan

Lahore Science Mela ‘17 is on us! It beckons us all as it nears us! Even mere the idea makes the scientist-lot drool over it. Our science cadre is up to bring up a trend new of its kind to Pakistan. It is more than just a science fair for it has caused many to throw in their lot with LSM ’17 and many more are intended. A huge turnout of around 20,000 is envisioned this year.


In a totally science disabled society, they pitched the idea of innovation based on the creation of scientific vision. LSM ’17 is more than just a science fair where wannabe scientists can meet their mentors and practicing scientists. Under the auspices of Pakistani-science-stalwarts from high-edge institutions world over, this event has brought endorsements from various national and international organizations thus far. This platform by KSS is how we can make our scientists social; sending them to masses especially our children who usually fall prey to lack of timely stimulus and instruction.

‘Science aur saqafat ka milaap’ is becoming a rallying cry across Lahore. It is said cultural anthropology concurs with science somewhere. Science and culture can be subsumed in one way or other: If culture tells ‘what’ it is; science explains ‘how’ it is! Science gets ideas somehow pertinent to the cultural hacks and this is what aids man to understand the life in question through this amalgam.

In face of all the monotonous and dull educational system where people started calling it dry as dust and most elusive fields for us as a nation, KSS stepped in with an idea of fostering a ‘science-culture’ in 1995. They tried to succour those wanted to stand out from public for science.


You might be envious of ‘World Science Festival’ but what about when you are given its miniaturized indigenous counterpart, where you can immerse yourself in the world of science.

Fun filled grandiose experiments and prototypes are fast approaching us! Ready to get your eyes gleamed by the flamboyant illustrations. Be it Chemistry or Physics, we are all set to have some epitomes of innovation cladded in glitz and glam.

It will also have bits for cosmophiles, albeit it is open for people hailing from all walks of life, as we are proud to partner with Lahore Astronomical Society which serves as a hub of people excited about the universe and its numberless enigmas.


So just roll up for the onset of an imminent science-culture fusion. If the onus was on them to organize it: you are to attend it, appreciate it and with open arms confederate with it. Let’s celebrate science!

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